Extend Your Corporate Brand

Support your firm's brand with a highly secure portal as a seamless extension of your web presence.

  • Match your online corporate identity
  • Use your firm's brand colors and treatments
  • Customize with cascading style sheets (CSS)
Digital Data Exchange Extends Your Corporate Brand

Mobile Friendly

Take Digital Data Exchange on the road. Our mobile friendly data room and visualizations are mobile compatible and support touch interactions.

  • Customize page layouts to render on mobile devices
  • Interact with visualizations
Digital Data Exchange is Mobile Friendly

Promote Your Social Channels

Digital Data Exchange helps keep your brand in the mind of your users with social media support.

Share videos, content and information relevant to your clients and investors, from the public or private cloud.

Digital Data Exchange Promotes Your Social Channels

Document Management

Upload, secure, organize, and search attachments within the virtual data room.

  • Digital rights management
  • Investor specific and general attachments
  • Virus scanning
  • Document tagging for better organization.
  • Customizable grids for viewing attachments across funds or investors.

PDF Parsing

Separates a merged PDF file into individual PDF files and packages the files for quick and easy importing into Digital Data Exchange.

Microsoft Word Parsing

Separates a merged Microsoft Word file into individual Word files, converts the individual Word files to PDF files, and packages them for delivery to Digital Data Exchange.

Data Conversion Team

Let the Digital Data Exchange Conversion Team manage your data conversion projects. With our streamlined conversion process, we can quickly cleanse, reconcile, and import documents from a variety of sources and formats.

Workflow Enabled Collaboration

Digital Data Exchange's Workflow capabilities help clients streamline existing business processes by providing structure, automation, and visibility for tasks and activities.

Designed to meet common business processes requiring collaboration between investors and managers, and managers and fund administrators/service providers.

The Workflow engine provides capabilities for teams to review and upload documents and submit changes to contact and investor data such as updates to bank account or wire instructions.

Workflow Modules

Digital Data Exchange's offering supports common business processes critical to our clients' goals, with continuing development of additional models in coming releases.

Email Notifications

Configure Workflow models to trigger email notifications to Digital Data Exchange users upon completion of a step or upon assignment of an action in the workflow.

Mandatory or Optional Workflows

Define workflows to be mandatory (such as Electronic Consent) or optional (such as Investor Contact Address Change).

Customizable User Experience

Create user interface mashups tailored for specific business cases, enable data updates, and enforce required fields.

Deliver Dynamic Content To Your Users

  • Integrates seamlessly with our Private Equity accounting solution, Private Capital Suite.
  • Able to consume and integrate other sources of data.
  • Aggregate, organize and visualize data leveraging industry-leading reporting and business intelligence tools.
  • Create interactive visualizations allowing users to better explore and understand their data to gain new insights.